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Scenic views

When I first moved to Nevada in the 1980s I was an Artist in residence for the state Arts council. My job as AIR involved traveling to rural communities to work with school children as well as present workshops for anyone in the community who wanted to attend. I drove what Life Magazine termed "the loneliest highway in America," aka Highway 50, at least 2 dozen times. As remote as H'way 50 could be, I sought out even more remote roads in order to reach whatever my destination was for that month.... Pioche, Yerington, Panaca, Winnemucca, were among my temporary homes. In addition to the inevitable 'soft shoulder, range cattle, antelope crossing, flash flood warning,' signs, on the more travelled roads I would often see, "Scenic View" signs. These signs always seemed to be in the most convenient spots on the road.... not necessarily the most 'scenic.' 

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